Professor Annina Ruest

Associate Professor of Art

Annina Ruest

MFA, University of California, San Diego
MS, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab
Diploma, Zürich University of the Arts

I am an artist-technologist and create electronics and software-based media art. My works often focus on political issues within tech culture, including gender representation and online privacy. My work has been reviewed in such publications as Wired and the New York Times Magazine. The Huffington Post called my recent robotics work a "Badass Feminist Robot.” Besides making and exhibiting technology-driven art, I write scholarly articles that contextualize my own work and the work of others.
I teach computer programming and electronics – even some basic physics. However, I teach technologies from the perspective of a cultural practitioner. So rather than asking students to find solutions to pre-defined problems, I assign open-ended creative technology challenges that require creativity and critical thinking – not just technical skill.

Contact: 561-320 7853; HA 121

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