Dr. Terje Hill

Professor of Mathematics

Dr. Terje Hoim

Ph.D., Pure Mathematics, Kent State University, Ohio
M.A., Mathematics, Kent State University, Ohio
M.Sc., Mathematics, University of Tartu, Estonia
B.Sc., Mathematics, University of Tartu, Estonia

Work Experience

Visiting Assistant Professor, Trinity College, Hartford, CT
Graduate Teaching Assistant, Kent State University, Ohio

My research interests in mathematics focus mainly on functional analysis, operator theory, topological algebras, and mathematical economics. My recent publications characterize the ideal and quotient structures of spaces of vector-valued functions endowed with various topologies. In cooperation with Wolfram, UK, I have been developing innovative computer-based statistics materials for middle and high school students, then testing the effectiveness of these materials in the classroom. I have also co-authored a high-school Algebra book.

I love teaching both standard mathematics courses and nonstandard team-taught courses like Ethnomathematics, Mathematical Economics, Data Science, and Financial Markets. I have supervised over 30 honors theses, and received many teaching and advising awards. A significant number of my advisees have continued their studies at prestigious graduate schools.

Tere tulemast! I am originally from Estonia and speak fluent Estonian, as do my two children (there are less than a million people who speak the language). Being a member of the Estonian National Association of South Florida, my job is to help keep Estonian traditions alive. Elagu Eesti!

Contact: 717.739.9228; SR 207