Dr. Daniel De Lill

Instructor of Chemistry

Daniel De Lill


My research interests encompass a large variety of areas including inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, nanochemistry, lanthanide compounds, luminescence, chemosensors, and heterogeneous catalysis. In particular, past research endeavors have focused on developing a model of lanthanide luminescence in a class of materials called coordination polymers using primarily X-ray crystallographic and electronic spectroscopic analyses. Current research efforts are more pedagogical in nature where I study the use and portrayal of chemistry in science fiction literature, movies, and television shows, and develop means through which these examples may be used to augment chemistry curricula.

In my spare time, I write both science fiction (I'm an award-winning novelist) and nonfiction (primarily centered on mindfulness or spirituality). As a polyglot, I enjoy studying languages (mainly French and Norwegian, but I study several others) and linguistics. I'm also a bit of a chandler, which gives me the chance to use some of my materials chemistry skills in a practical manner. 


HC 144, 561-799-8584