Dr. Chitra Chandrasekhar

Sr. Instructor of Chemistry

Dr. Chitra Chandrasekhar

Ph.D., Chemistry, Wesleyan University

My primary area of interest is spectroscopy, and in using the data from the various regions of the electromagnetic spectrum to identify and analyse compounds, and interpret reaction mechanisms. Lately I have been interested in the chemistry of the environment, specifically in water pollution caused by plastics and their effect in use as food containers and wrappers.

I teach General Chemistry I and II, Organic Chemistry labs I and II, Environmental, Physical, and Inorganic Chemistry and Lab, Biochemistry Lab, and Contemporary Chemical Issues (for the non-science students). WHC students are wonderful and hard-working, and the Liberal Arts education at the WHC prepares them for a great future.

I love to read both fiction and non-fiction, and to watch movies and TV shows, and try to bring the details from all of these to the classroom to give examples of science in everyday life and the future of science. I love to sew, and indulge in some gardening.

Contact: 561.331.4852; HC 147