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Graduate Assistantship Classifications

The following guidelines are to be followed:

For a position to be classified as a graduate assistant and for the employee to be eligible for tuition benefits, the duties performed must directly contribute to the graduate student’s program of study. The graduate assistant must perform duties under the supervision of at least one faculty member and/or university employee experienced in the discipline.

The University offers assistantships to enrolled, degree seeking graduate students as follows:

Type Account
Graduate Teaching Assistant (GTA) 125020 300000 Exempt Graduate Teaching Assistants are responsible for assisting faculty members with teaching, course preparation, grading assignments, and activities related to the student’s academic program such as, but not limited to, teaching an undergraduate level course, co‐teaching, tutoring, being a classroom assistant or teaching lab assistant, or other roles directly related to classroom or laboratory instruction.

Note: A Graduate Teaching Assistant who is the instructor of record must meet all applicable university credentialing guidelines.
Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) 125010 300000 Exempt Graduate Research Assistants perform research duties under the supervision of an appropriate faculty member or FAU administrator. Such research duties may include, but are not limited to, assisting in lab research, community‐based research activities, developing research and evaluation surveys, collecting data, analyzing data using software analysis programs, data presentation, and/or writing draft research reports. For some Graduate Research Assistant positions, special qualifications may be required, such as completion of a specified number of graduate credit hours or a master’s degree or specialization in an appropriate area of research.

Note: If allowed by the funding source, the Principal Investigator(s) shall budget for research assistants at the in-state tuition rate. Should a non-Florida resident be employed, the non-resident fee will be funded by the university’s tuition waiver budget. 
Graduate Assistant (GA) 124010 800000 Non Exempt Graduate Assistants may be employed in any administrative unit of the University that performs professional duties outside of teaching or research assignments. Duties performed must directly contribute to the graduate student’s program of study. It is the responsibility of the hiring unit to ensure duties of the position complement the degree program; however, for students employed in non-academic offices, prior approval by the Dean of the Graduate College is required.

Note: Graduate Assistants should not conduct teaching and/or research activities.

Non Exempt:
This means that the position does not meet the criteria to be exempt from the FLSA. Employees in non-exempt positions are required to be paid, or receive compensatory time, equal to 1.5 times their regular rate of pay for all hours worked in excess of 40 hours in one work week. In addition, they are subject to minimum wage requirements and the department must keep a record of time worked. Non-Exempt student employees must submit timesheets on a bi-weekly basis.

Exempt: This means that the position meets the criteria to be exempt from the FLSA. Positions designated as “exempt” are not eligible for overtime pay. Exempt student employees do not need to submit timesheets.

For additional information about these guidelines, please contact Aaron Tramp in the Graduate College atramp@fau.edu  or (561) 297-2428.

 Last Modified 12/18/20