Understanding Your Financial Aid Offer

Once your FAFSA has been submitted, completed and reviewed, the FAU Office of Student Financial Aid will offer students according to their financial aid eligibility. The FAU priority deadline is April 1st. For the upcoming academic year, which begins with the FALL semester, students will be notified of any student requirements needed through their myFAU.

Keep in mind that once the Financial Aid Offering process begins, the Financial Aid offer given is based on full-time enrollment for the FALL and SPRING semesters. After the drop/add deadline of each semester, is when your actual enrollment will be determined and the funds will begin to disburse. 

As an FAU student, you are responsible for keeping track of your financial aid file, before and after you receive your offer.

  • Check your FAU Self-Service financial aid account via MYFAU to monitor any student requirements that may be required (Note: Required documents can post to your student account after an offer has been given).
  • Check your FAU email account regularly. This is how the financial aid office communicates with students.
  • If selected for Verification, remember that your eligibility may change as a result of documentation submitted.
  • Outside resources, such as scholarships not reported to the financial aid office, can affect your eligibility. Please notify us, if you have any resources or scholarships that were given directly to you. Other resources that may affect your eligibility are: Florida PrePaid, Third Party payments, SSN or military benefits.

Terms & Conditions of Offers

It is the student's responsibility to fully read and understand the Terms & Conditions of Offers. The terms and conditions of offers gives more details on (including, but not limited to):

  • Enrollment
  • Attendance Policy
  • Payments/Fees
  • Withdrawing from Classes
  • Disbursement of Aid
  • Pell Grant
  • Bright Futures
  • Loans
  • Summer Financial Aid

Terms & Conditions of Offers

Transient Student Enrollment

If you are taking classes at another institution through concurrent/transient enrollment, this will affect how your financial aid offers will pay out. For example:

  • Student enrolled 6 credits at FAU and 6 credits at a local college
  • Student has been offered Federal Pell Grant & Federal Direct Loans
  • The Federal Pell Grant will only disburse on 6 credits
  • All of the Federal Direct Loan will disburse (since you only need to be half-time for loans to disburse)
  • The other 6 credits of Federal Pell Grant will disburse once we receive your Transient Student Enrollment Paperwork and it has been processed.

Transient Student Enrollment

Financial Aid Disbursement Estimator

This tool is designed to help you determine what you need to pay the University and ONLY represents an estimate of what financial aid may disburse based on your enrollment and offer status now.

Financial Aid Disbursement Estimator

Financial Aid Offer Projection Estimators

These estimators will assist you in determining your financial aid eligibility. Please understand that completing these estimators does not take the place of actually applying for financial aid at FAU. Once you receive your offer estimation and you are ready to apply for financial aid, please submit the Federal Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Offer Projection Estimators

Withdrawing from Classes

Please keep in mind that withdrawing from classes after your financial aid has disbursed may affect your eligibility for some forms of financial aid.  Students may have to repay all or a portion of their financial aid.

Refund Policy

Financial Aid Overaward Policy

The Office of Student Financial Aid is required to monitor and adjust students’ financial aid awards to eliminate overawards and/or overpayments in compliance with federal and state regulations and institutional policy.

Overaward Policy