How they work together

MYFAU is your one stop site for many FAU resources, including Financial Aid. Within the Financial Aid section of MYFAU, you'll gain quick access information and perform the most essential tasks - such as viewing financial aid status, apply for financial aid, or even making payments.

What Financial Aid on MYFAU can do for you:

  • Access FAU Self-Service
  • Setup Direct Deposit
  • Download Financial Aid Forms
  • Apply for Short Term Advance
  • Setup Notifications to your Mobile device or just your MYFAU page
  • Access Financial Aid information quickly
  • And more!

Access Financial Aid's FAU Self-Service via MYFAU

Use either of the methods below to access the Financial Aid section of FAU Self-Service via MYFAU. This is where most of your vital Financial Aid tasks are performed.

Method 1:

  1. Sign into MYFAU with your FAU credentials
  2. Click/tap the "Money Matters!" tile
  3. Click/tap the "Your Financial Aid" tile to go directly to Financial Aid within FAU Self-Service

Method 2:

  1. Sign into MYFAU with your FAU credentials
  2. Click/tap the "FAU Self-Service" tile to access FAU Self-Service
  3. Click/tap the "Financial Aid" tab to access Financial Aid within Self-Service

How to Check your Financial Aid Status

Knowing the status of your Financial Aid helps you stay on track. Follow the steps on the Check Financial Aid Status page to know yours.


How to Accept Financial Aid Offers

After you have been notificed of your financial aid offers, use the steps on the Acceping Financial Aid Offers page to accept or decline your offers.