Special Programs

Special Enrollment Programs include: Transient Student Enrollment, Co-operative Education and Study Abroad.

Please review the eligibility and requirements of each program. Students who participate in any of these programs are advised to contact their Financial Aid Representative with any questions, since these programs generally require special handling. In addition, there may be a delay in receiving financial aid funds.

Transient Student Enrollment

A Concurrent enrolled student is one who is degree seeking and taking classes at FAU (Home School) AND another eligible institution (Host School) in the same semester. Financial aid will be disbursed from FAU based on the student's total combined enrollment (FAU + Host School) for the semester.  If you are a concurrent student and have questions, please contact Richard Vitale (rvitale1@fau.edu) from the Office of Student Financial Aid.

An Outgoing Consortium enrolled student is one who is degree seeking at FAU (Home School) BUT is ONLY taking classes at another institution (Host School) AND would like to receive their scheduled FAU Financial Aid Offer(s). FAU ENROLLMENT STATUS MUST BE ZERO CREDIT HOURS.

An Incoming Consortium enrolled student is one who is NOT degree seeking at FAU (Host School). Therefore, financial aid status and information must be addressed to your degree seeking institution (Home School).


There are two stages that must be completed in order to receive approval to take courses elsewhere. If you receive initial consent (Part I, C), then you must complete Part II and await final approval before registering for your course(s). Please note that no requests will be processed until the schedule of courses for the term requested is released.




A. Transient Course Request Login  

  1. Access the request form at https://transient.fau.edu.
  2. Log in with your FAU Credentials (same FAUNetID and password as for MYFAU).

B. Submit a New Request 

  1. Click "Create \ Review Request" at the top left corner of the screen.
  2. Select the following information from the drop down menus: 
    • School: This is the school you would like to attend as a transient student.
    • Semester: This is the semester in which you would like to be a transient student.
  3. Add your course(s). To add a course, click on "Add Course". 
  4. Enter the following information:
    • Prefix: Use your mouse and click under the Prefix column and enter the prefix of the course you are requesting. For example, if you want to take ENC1101, enter ENC as the prefix.
    • Course Number: From the example above, this is would be 1101.
    • Credit Hours: The number of credit hours of the course.
    • Justification: From the options given, reason you are requesting to take transient work.
    • Comments: Any additional comments you would like to include.
  5. Once finished adding courses, click "Submit for Approval".
    • Once you submit, you can edit your pending request if needed.
    • If you edit your request be sure to click "Submit for Approval" to resubmit your request.
  6. To view your request(s), both Pending and Completed, click "My Request at the top left corner of the screen. Double click the school name in the Requests box to see the Approval status of your completed request(s).


  • You will receive an email to your FAU email account once you submit your request indicating your request has been submitted and is PENDING.
  • You will receive a second email to your FAU email account once your request has been COMPLETED. You will need to log back into https://transient.fau.edu to view the status of your completed request. 
    • If you complete PART II, you will receive an email indicating if your Transient Form Application is approved.

C. Once your request is completed:

  1. Log back in to:  https://transient.fau.edu
  2. Click My Request at the menu at the top of the screen.
  3. Double click the school name in the Request Box to see the details of your Completed request(s).
    • Green Checkmark: Go to PART II.
    • Red X: Contact your academic advisor to discuss additional options at www.fau.edu/successnetwork. You can edit your request (click "Edit Request") if needed. Be sure to click Submit for Approval to resubmit your request.



You must have approval in PART I before you can complete PART II


  1. Go to www.FLVC.org.
  2. Scroll down and click "Take a Course".
  3. This page will bring you to the Transient Student Application. Scroll down and click "Start or check the status of your Transient Student Application now".
  4. From the dropdown menu select your "Home Institution": Florida Atlantic University.
  5. Enter your ID: Z number with a capital Z.
  6. Enter your PIN: Your birthday, in MMDDYY format.
  7. Read the information and click "NEXT".
  8. Select your Program: University Advising Services.
  9. Enter all the required information.
  10. Enter your Verification Code from your request in PART I into the Student Comments box.
  11. Click to sign the form then click "Send" to complete your transient course request.

NOTES: Once you complete PART II, you will receive an email indicating if your Transient Form Application is approved.

If approved by the FAU Financial Aid Office, below are some of the requirements that will be needed:

  1. Transient Terms and Conditions Form (will be available on Self Service under Student Requirements)
  2. Approved Transient Student Form online through www.FLVC.org (Please PRINT out Online Transient Form from the site).
  3. Paid in full receipt from Host institution printed and submitted after their drop/add deadline date for term. (Receipt specifying source of payment is required in some circumstances).
  4. Copy of class schedule printed after drop/add deadline of the Host institution.


Are you a transient student who:

  • Is enrolled at a private College or University
  • Is enrolled at an Out of State College or University
  • Is enrolled as a Graduate Student

If you will be a transient student meeting one of the above criteria, (private, out of state, or graduate student), please contact Jolla Molinar at jmolinar@fau.edu in the Office of Student Financial Aid for guidance as your process will be different.

Do you need money to purchase textbooks as an Outgoing Consortium student?

If enrolled as a consortium student, please download the Outgoing Consortium Short Term Advance Application located on the Forms to Download webpage (must print hard copy) and submit to the Office of Student Financial Aid. You may borrow up to $750 with a non-refundable processing fee of $5.00 assessed. In addition, you must also establish direct deposit through MYFAU under your Money Matters! tile.

Cooperative Education Programs

Cooperative Education is a unique educational program in which students integrate classroom study with period of paid, supervised work experience related to their academic major. At FAU, Cooperative Education is a structured learning situation in which students apply concepts learned in the classroom to real world work environments.

To learn more about the Cooperative Education Programs students in the College of Engineering should contact the Division of Engineering Distance Education & Career Services at (561) 297-2694 in the Science and Engineering Building, Bldg 43, Suite 103. Student in all other colleges should contact University Cooperative Education at (561) 297-3520 in the Student Services Building, within the Career Development Center, Room 222.

Financial Aid is available to those students who participate in the Cooperative Education Programs offered at FAU. Availability of financial aid is determined on an individual basis according to the student's cooperative program.

Study Abroad

There are two types of FAU degree-seeking study abroad programs:  (1) FAU Study Abroad  and  (2) Consortium Study Abroad  . When considering participating in a study abroad program, it is important the student identify what type of program they are considering. The processing requirements, fund eligibility, and disbursement method will vary depending on the program type. Please contact the Education Abroad office to inquire on which programs are available. You should also set up an appointment with a study abroad financial aid counselor to discuss financial aid opportunities. Please email Jolla Molinar (jmolinar@fau.edu) to set up an appointment.

For all  Incoming study abroad students   attending Florida Atlantic University as the "host" school.  (1) FAU is not your degree-seeking school; therefore, any questions regarding your financial aid information must be addressed to your home school. (2) FAU tuition is not deferred for Incoming study abroad students.  Students are responsible to pay their FAU tuition on or before the FAU fee payment deadline.  If you fail to pay your tuition by the fee deadline, you will be assessed a late fee.  Further failure to pay will result in being cancelled from classes. (3) Incoming study abroad consortium agreement forms will be completed and returned to the student’s Home Institution after the FAU fee payment deadline for all students who have paid their FAU tuition.
   Education Abroad Financial Aid Cheat Sheet