Pedestrian Bridge “The Eswatini Foot Bridge”

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This project is supported by Bridges to Prosperity (BTP) and Engineers in Action (EIA). Our concept is to design and participate in the construction of a pedestrian bridge in a remote community across the globe. The opportunity of having a pedestrian bridge increases prosperity, education and community development in remote areas cutoff from schools and markets by rivers. The project includes the involvement of five FAU alumni, current students and members of BTP and EIA.  During the 2020 spring break, the team went to Eswatini, a country in southern Africa that has a lack of infrastructure to construct the bridge. For their efforts on this project, they received the FAU undergraduate research competition Wave Award for Community Engagement.


Team Members

Team Photo

Brandon Caniff

Esther Mitchell

Alexander Hintze

Samantha Robinson

Matthew Maracallo


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