Degree Requirements

Degree Requirements Before Fall 2014

The Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering degree will be awarded to students who meet the following requirements:

  1. Meet all general degree requirements of the University.
  2. Attain a grade of "C" or better in each mathematics, science and computers course listed below, in each mechanical engineering core course listed below, in each Writing Across the Curriculum course, and in each of the departmentally approved technical electives listed below.
  3. Satisfy the following specific degree requirements, which total 128 credits.
Subject Course No. Credit
General Education
English Composition*   6
Humanities*   9
Social Sciences*   9
Math, Science & Computers
Math (through Calculus)   12
General Physics with Calculus (including lab)   8
Chemistry (including lab)   4
Engineering Math I or Equivalent MAP 3305 3
Probability & Statistics for Engineers STA 4032 3
Computer Programming**   3
Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering II EML 4534 3
Engineering Graphics EGS 1111C 3
Mechanical Engineering Core
Fundamentals of Engineering EGN 1002 3
Statics EGN 3311 3
Dynamics EGN 3321 3
Strength of Materials EGN 3331 3
Engineering Materials I EGN 3365 3
Thermodynamics I EGN 3343 3
Fluid Mechanics EML 3701 3
Experimental Methodology EML 3523C 3
Electro-Mechanical Devices EGM 4045 3
System Dynamics EML 4380 3
Heat Transfer EML 4142 3
Applied Thermal Fluid Engineering EML 4127 3
Machine Design I EML 4500 3
Machine Design II EML 4262 3
Engineering Design EML 4521C 3
Design Project EML 4551 3
Mechanical Engineering Laboratory EML 4730L 3
Electives   14

14 credits (minimum of departmentally approved technical electives. One technical elective shall be chosen from EGM 4350 Finite Element Analysis for Engineering Design of EML 4220 Vibration Synthesis and Analysis. Directed Independent Study may be used as credit toward one technical elective in the student's program with approval of the faculty advisor and the department chair. Only in special cases of follow-up projects with the same faculty advisor, specifically approved by the department chair, will DIS be allowed as credit for a second technical elective.

* Four-year students must meet specific course requirements as outlined in the Baccalaureate Degree Requirements subsection of the catalog. Transfer students may substitute a speech course for one humanities course and a health course for one social science course.

** Four-year students are to take EML 2538 Computer Applications in Mechanical Engineering I offered by the Department of Mechanical Engineering.