The College provides more than 20 graduate assistantships to new graduate students annually. The assistantships are intended to attract top-quality students in to the College's graduate program. Assistantship stipends and the total number of students supported will vary each year, depending on student classification (MS or PhD) and Full Time Equivalent (FTE) level. Part of the student tuition will be also covered by the assistantship.

Selection Criteria and Guidelines

  1. For incoming Joint BS/MS degree program students, new doctoral students, and BS to PhD Direct-Path program students. Approximately half of the funding will be used to attract new doctoral students.
  2. Duration of one year with a tentative plan for follow-on support for PhD students provided by the department at the time of application.
  3. Support may be provided at the 20 hours/week or 10 hours/week level.
  4. The Dean's office makes the final selection after all the required documentation is reviewed.

Application Process

Students complete the appropriate form below:

Application Deadlines:

Please contact your department for application deadlines.