MSITM - Computer Science Data Analytics (CSDA) Concentration

Students enrolled in this concentration will take the following three courses:

  1. CAP 5768 Introduction to Data Science
  2. CEN 5035 Software Engineering
  3. COP 6371 Theory and Implementation of the Database Systems

In addition, non-thesis students need to take four EECS department electives as follows: two graduate courses with prefix CAP and two graduate courses with prefix CAP, CDA, CEN, CIS, COP, COT or CNT. Thesis students need to take two graduate courses with prefix CAP offered by the EECS department.

The last three electives will be selected from the following Information Technology and Operations Management (ITOM) courses in the College of Business:

  1. ISM 6136 Data Mining and Predictive Analytics
  2. ISM 6217 Database Management Systems
  3. ISM 6404 Introduction to Business Analytics and Big Data
  4. ISM 6405 Advanced Business Analytics
  5. ISM 6427C Business Innovation with Artificial Intelligence
  6. ISM 6555 Social Media and Web Analytics
  7. ISM 6930 Special Topics
  8. QMB 6303 Data Management and Analysis with Excel
  9. QMB 6603 Data Analysis for Managers

Students in this concentration may satisfy the requirements for the Big Data Analytics certificate. Follow up with the EECS advisor for more information about the certificate.