Bioengineering Graduate Certificate

Admission Requirements

Admission to, and completion of, this program is handled by the Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. For admission, the applicant must satisfy the following criteria:
  1. A bachelor's degree in biology, chemistry, physics, or engineering with a mathematics background through differential equations. Courses in computer programming, databases, probability and statistics, and molecular biology and/or physiology are desirable. Qualified senior undergraduates may be accepted in the graduate certificate program with appropriate committee recommendation.
  2. GPA of 3.0 in science, mathematics, and engineering courses.
  3. No GRE scores are necessary. Student transcripts should demonstrate competency in science, mathematics, and engineering course work.

Interested individuals should complete an application form and email or fax it to Dr. Zvi Roth, Department of Computer and Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, email:, fax: 561.297.2800.

Completion Requirements and Distinctive Program Characteristics

Thprogram is a 15-credit graduate certificate program focused on the application of engineering and computer science principles to biotechnology, bioinformatics, and biosystems. It is designed for engineers and scientists working in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical, health care, drug discovery, biomedical, medical instrumentation and allied sectors. Faculty members from a variety of departments in both the College of Engineering and Computer Science and the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science teach the certificate courses. These courses cover human physiological system modeling, bioinformatics, molecular genetics, biotechnology, biosystems, biosignal processing, genomics, drug discovery, and nanotechnology in engineering and biology. Prior to taking courses to satisfy the 15-credit certificate requirement, students must obtain the approval of the Academic Programs Coordinator. Students will have the opportunity to become acquainted with the FAU Core Biotechnology and Proteomics Facilities.