MSCE/MSCS/MSEE with Minor in Business

A minor in Business is available to students pursuing a non-thesis master's degree who wish to combine technical coursework in engineering or computer science with a sequence of courses designed to provide a broad background in modern business concepts. Thesis students may participate with approval of their major department.

The Business minor is available to students admitted to master's studies in any program in the College of Engineering and Computer Science. It is not available to students with non-degree-seeking status. Requirements for the minor include completion of five graduate-level business courses (3 credits each) from the list below (course descriptions may be found in the College of Business Course Descriptions section of the University catalog):

  1. ACG 6027 Financial Accounting Concepts;
  2. FIN 6406 Financial Management;
  3. ISM 6026 Management of Information Systems and Technology, or QMB 6603 Data Analysis for Managers;
  4. MAN 6937 Global Environment of Management, or MAN 6245 Organizational Behavior;
  5. MAR 6055 Marketing Functions and Processes.

Some course substitution may be possible for students with prior academic background in one or more of these areas. Additional requirements for master's degrees with a minor in Business can be found in individual program descriptions.

Program Worksheets

The minor in Business is awarded upon graduation as an integral part of a master's degree program in engineering or computer science; it is not awarded independent of these degrees. Courses taken as part of the business minor apply toward the prerequisites for many MBA programs but generally cannot be used to satisfy MBA degree requirements.