Graduate Business Minor

Minor in Business

A minor in Business is available to students pursuing a non-thesis master's degree who wish to combine technical coursework in engineering or computer science with a sequence of courses designed to provide a broad background in modern business concepts. Thesis students may participate with prior approval of the advisor.

The Business minor is available to students admitted in one of the following master's programs:

  • MS with Major in Artificial Intelligence
  • MS with Major in Biomedical Engineering
  • MS with Major in Computer Engineering
  • MS with Major in Computer Science
  • MS with Major in Electrical Engineering

Completion of both the master’s program and the Minor in Business requires a minimum of 36 credits. Students will take: (i) a minimum of 7 courses from the master’s program of study consisting of the required core courses and electives, and (ii) 5 Business courses from the list below.

  1. ACG 6027 Financial Accounting Concepts
  2. FIN 6406 Financial Management
  3. ISM 6026 Management of Information Systems and Technology, or QMB 6603 Data Analysis for Managers
  4. Select one of the following courses: MAN 6937 Global Environment of Management, ENT 6196 Biotechnology Business Development, ENT 6016 Venture Creation, or MAN 6296 Leadership
    and Organizations.
  5. MAR 6055 Marketing Functions and Processes.