Lucy Orta

Nexus Architecture + Connector I


Schmidt Center Gallery | November 8, 2002 - January 18, 2003
Curator: Margaret Miller

lucy orta

The exhibition was organized by the Contemporary Art Museum, University of South Florida. Lucy Orta's sculpture combines fashion design, architecture and a social agenda. The artist orchestrates events to create literal and metaphoric human connections. Cross disciplinary workshops that involve marginalized, at-risk or underserved community populations are integral to these interventions/events. On the occassion of the exhibition at FAU the University Galleries organized workshops with the artist and produced a public performance engaging children from Palm Beach and Miami Counties.

Images (clockwise from top left): Installation view of the Schmidt Center Gallery; Lucy Orta at work during Miami intervention; Installation view of the Schmidt Center Gallery; Miami Design District. NexusX110: An Intervention for 100 South Florida Children, Design and Architecture Senior High, Miami.