Drawn In / Drawn Out


January 19, 2007 - February 24, 2007
Ritter Art Gallery
Curator: Carol Prusa
Media Packet
drawn in drawn out

: Glexis Novoa, Diego Singh, Carol Prusa, Frances Trombly

Department of Visual Arts and Art History associate professor, Carol Prusa invited three Miami area artists whose works employ and imply drawing as a primary aspect of their artistic practice.

The artists in Drawn In/Drawn Out share drawing as a fundamental aspect of their finished works. High levels of detail, combining both naturalism and abstraction, and innovative approaches to traditional techniques and materials are traits common to all four of the artists. The content and intent of their art however is quite distinct.


Images (clockwise from top left): Three installation views of the Ritter Art Gallery;  Opening in the Ritter Gallery.