Faculty Accomplishments

Dr. Noemi Marin

Professor, School Of Communication And Multimedia Studies

Noemi Marin on Romanian National Television, a First for FAU. "Performing Rhetoric" is the Romanian National Television feature documentary on Dr. Noemi Marin's academic and public life as a Romanian-American scholar and public figure. The documentary was aired on Romanian National Television International Channel and TVR+. (www.tvrplus.ro) on Monday, April 25, to be aired again on May 13, on TVRHDWhile this documentary features Noemi Marin and her academic career, this is the first time FAU has been featured on Romanian television. The Romanian TVR crew filmed a lot of campus scenes: the FAU College of Arts and Letters; University Theater; The Dalai Lama tree; the Arts studios; the CU building; and the College of Nursing. The documentary can be seen here: http://www.tvrplus.ro//editie-lumea-si-noi-440080

Lisa Swanstrom

Ph.D., Assistant Professor Of English

Lisa Swanstrom, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, won the Elizabeth Agee Prize in American Literature for her new book, Animal, Vegetable Digital: Experiments in New Media Aesthetics and Environmental Poetics (January 2016). The prize from The University of Alabama Press is awarded annually to a work that exemplifies scholarly excellence in the field of American literary studies. She did the bulk of her preliminary research in HUMLab, a digital humanities lab at the University of Umeå in northern Sweden, where she interviewed digital artists whose work complicates the boundary between "natural" and "digital" ecologies.

Prisca Augustyn

Ph.D., Department Of Languages, Linguistics And Comparative Literature

Prisca Augustyn, Ph.D., Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature, is on the program committee of the 41st annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America. The group is a transdisciplinary professional organization serving scholars with common interests in the study of signs and sign systems. The conference will convene in Delray Beach from September 28 - October 2. The group welcomes abstracts on any semiotics-related topic. The society applies semiotic theories and insights to disciplines as diverse as anthropology, the arts, biology, cognitive science, communication, cybernetics, education, ethics, law, literary criticism, linguistics, marketing, media studies, mathematics, pedagogy, philosophy, religion, and technology.

Taylor Hagood

Taylor Hagood won the C. Hugh Holman Award for the best book in southern literary studies from the Society for the Study of Southern Literature. This is for his book, Faulkner and Disability. This is among the biggest prizes in the field.

Jane Caputi

Center For Women, Gender And Sexuality Studies

Jane Caputi, Center for Women, Gender and Sexuality Studies, was recently selected by the Popular Culture/American Culture Association as their Eminent Scholar for 2016. This award recognizes significant contributions by a scholar working in a field under the umbrella of Popular or American culture. She will be the featured speaker at the Association's upcoming Awards ceremony.

Brian McConnell

Visual Arts And Art History

Brian McConnell's (Visual Arts and Art History) book "Wall Illustrations from the 'Grotte' di Caratabia (Mineo, Sicily)" was recently published.

Jennifer Low

Associate Professor Of English

Associate professor Jennifer Low (English) just published her latest book, Dramatic Spaces: Scenography and Spectatorial Perceptions, with Routledge Press. Low's work is concerned with stage design and its effect on playwrights and audiences. In the parlance of literary scholarship, plays are texts; for theater professionals, plays are performances. Yet clearly a drama is both text and performance.

Noemi Marin

Full Professor Of Rhetoric And Communication Studies

During the 2014-2015 academic year, Noemi Marin, Full Professor of Rhetoric and Communication Studies, published a co-edited volume entitled Rhetorics of 1989: Rhetorical Archaeologies of Political Transitions. This scholarly collection, singular in its scope, began as a Special Issue (vol. 18, 2015) of the journal Advances in the History of Rhetoric and was then published as a separate volume by Routledge (2015; ISSN: 1536-2426 print/1936-0835 Online). Along with her co-editor, Cezar Ornatowski, Marin authored the "Introduction" to the volume. As a single author, she contributed a chapter in the volume: "Rhetorical Crossing of 1989: Communist Space, Arguments by Definition, and Discourse of National Identity Twenty-Five Years Later" (167-186). In addition to publishing the above volume, Marin also continued as editor of The Journal of Literacy and Technology (a bi-annual international academic journal), served as co-organizer of the International Conference on Peace Studies held at FAU on the topic "Colonizing and De/Re-Colonizing Nations: A Research Inquiry into Communist Practices 25 Years Later," and presented research papers at five different international conferences. Marin was also featured in the Romanian Community News as one of the Successful Professionals of Romanian origin in the USA and in Florida.

Joey Bargsten


The transmedia opera "Melancholalaland," which was composed by Joey Bargsten (SCMS) with choreography by Thea Zimmer, premiered at the Miami Beach Cinematheque. The opera stages local professional opera singers and dancers in a live mix with video, animation and digital music, creating a re-invention of opera that is more accessible to audiences.

Alejandro Sanchez Samper


Alejandro Sanchez Samper's (Music) CD "Bogotá - Buenos Aires," which features the Quinteto Leopoldo Federico (Colombia) and was recorded and released through FAU's Hoot/Wisdom Recordings, was released this past summer. The CD release event was held in the foyer at the Teatro Colón (Colombia's national opera house) in downtown Bogotá. Among the attendees was former Colombian president Belisario Betancourt and former Colombian Secretary of Education Cecilia María Vélez White. Sanchez-Samper gave remarks during the event and spoke about the role and importance of Hoot/Wisdom Recordings as an educational and non-profit enterprise and the role it is playing in the professional development of both students and faculty.