Faculty Accomplishments

Stephen Engle

Professor Of History

Civil War scholar Stephen Engle, professor of history, has recently published a book that is beginning to create a lot of buzz and is already receiving awards. Gathering to Save a Nation: Lincoln and the Union's War Governors was awarded the 55th annual Barondess/Lincoln Award which included a formal ceremony in New York City ( http://www.civilwar.com/news/recent-postings-54491/277954-55th-annual-barondess-lincoln-award-presentation.html ). He was also recently on a panel of the Abraham Lincoln Institute Forum at Ford's Theatre in Washington, D.C., which was covered by CSPAN https://www.c-span.org/video/?425302-3/abraham-lincolns-governors , and was also invited to the Virginia Festival of Books in Charlottesville. He will be going to the Gettysburg Institute this summer.

Kelly J. Shannon

Assistant Professor Of History

Kelly J. Shannon, Assistant Professor of History at FAU and faculty affiliate with FAU's Peace, Justice, and Human Rights (PJHR) Initiative, has received a Summer Stipend award from the National Endowment for the Humanities to support research for a new monograph project on U.S. relations with Iran, 1905-1953. Summer Stipends support individuals pursuing advanced research that is of value to humanities scholars and/or general audiences. The Summer Stipend is very competitive; the NEH typically funds only 7-9% of applications each year. Summer Stipends support continuous full-time work on a humanities project for a period of two consecutive months. Professor Shannon will use her award to conduct archival research in the United Kingdom in British foreign policy records and Iranian manuscripts, which she will use to write her second book that will explore the various levels of Americans' engagement with Iran during the period between the Iranian Constitutional Revolution and the 1953 U.S. and British coup, which overthrew Iran's Prime Minister, Mohammed Mossadegh. Her first book, U.S. Foreign Policy and Muslim Women's Human Rights, will appear in print with the University of Pennsylvania Press later this year.

Noemi Marin

Professor, School Of Communication And Multimedia Studies

Noemi Marin, professor, School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, has been invited by Columbia University's Hariman Institute, East Central European Center and the Romanian Cultural Institute to make a presentation about her research at the end of April 2017. Marin will present on the pre- and post-1989 political discourse in Romania, Eastern Europe and the United States, drawing on the volume she recently co-edited with Cezar Ornatowski, Rhetorics of 1989: Rhetorical Archaeologies of Political Transitions (Routledge, 2015). She will address the question of how political speech in communist and transition periods does and does not change democratic action, and what challenges remain inherent to the public arena to this day.

Noemi Marin

Noemi Marin

Professor, School Of Communication And Multimedia Studies

Noemi Marin, professor in the School of Communication and Multimedia Studies, recently present the lecture Rhetoric and Intellectuals in the East European Upheavals of 1989: A Look Back after 25 Years at Harvard's Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies

Carol S. Gould

Professor Of Philosophy

Carol S. Gould, professor of philosophy, co-edited the anthology: "Ethics, Art and Representations of the Holocaust."

Mary Cameron

Ph.D., Professor Of Anthropology

Mary Cameron, Ph.D., professor of Anthropology, has photographs featured in an exhibit about Nepal's Dalits, at the Patan Museum in Patan, Nepal (near Kathmandu). View Image 1, Image 2. Learn more about the exhibition here: https://www.buzzfeed.com/matthewtucker/17-powerful-photographs-that-show-nepals-history-of-discrimi?utm_term=.nfODYEwy3#.ljWzKX5wm

Dr. Noemi Marin

Professor, School Of Communication And Multimedia Studies

Noemi Marin on Romanian National Television, a First for FAU. "Performing Rhetoric" is the Romanian National Television feature documentary on Dr. Noemi Marin's academic and public life as a Romanian-American scholar and public figure. The documentary was aired on Romanian National Television International Channel and TVR+. (www.tvrplus.ro) on Monday, April 25, to be aired again on May 13, on TVRHDWhile this documentary features Noemi Marin and her academic career, this is the first time FAU has been featured on Romanian television. The Romanian TVR crew filmed a lot of campus scenes: the FAU College of Arts and Letters; University Theater; The Dalai Lama tree; the Arts studios; the CU building; and the College of Nursing. The documentary can be seen here: http://www.tvrplus.ro//editie-lumea-si-noi-440080

Lisa Swanstrom

Ph.D., Assistant Professor Of English

Lisa Swanstrom, Ph.D., assistant professor of English, won the Elizabeth Agee Prize in American Literature for her new book, Animal, Vegetable Digital: Experiments in New Media Aesthetics and Environmental Poetics (January 2016). The prize from The University of Alabama Press is awarded annually to a work that exemplifies scholarly excellence in the field of American literary studies. She did the bulk of her preliminary research in HUMLab, a digital humanities lab at the University of Umeå in northern Sweden, where she interviewed digital artists whose work complicates the boundary between "natural" and "digital" ecologies.

Prisca Augustyn

Ph.D., Department Of Languages, Linguistics And Comparative Literature

Prisca Augustyn, Ph.D., Department of Languages, Linguistics and Comparative Literature, is on the program committee of the 41st annual meeting of the Semiotic Society of America. The group is a transdisciplinary professional organization serving scholars with common interests in the study of signs and sign systems. The conference will convene in Delray Beach from September 28 - October 2. The group welcomes abstracts on any semiotics-related topic. The society applies semiotic theories and insights to disciplines as diverse as anthropology, the arts, biology, cognitive science, communication, cybernetics, education, ethics, law, literary criticism, linguistics, marketing, media studies, mathematics, pedagogy, philosophy, religion, and technology.

Taylor Hagood

Taylor Hagood won the C. Hugh Holman Award for the best book in southern literary studies from the Society for the Study of Southern Literature. This is for his book, Faulkner and Disability. This is among the biggest prizes in the field.