Student Organizations

RSO Name Description
Anthropology Honors Club To help students with an anthropology major find different opportunities.
ART Club Promote creativity, positive emotional expression of the students of the University.
Asian American Association Established to celebrate all Asian cultures and to educate fellow peers of traditions, languages, and customs of these Asian cultures.
Baron’s Business Economics Club Aims to open up free discussion, collaboration, and unique learning opportunities for those interested in Business, Economics, or Public Policy.
Best Buddies Dedicated to one-to-one friendships and inclusion for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).
Black Student Union Northern Campus Established to celebrate and educate peers about the black community.
Cliché Established to unite creative and literary inclined students; mission is to showcase the literary and artistic talent amongst peers.
Council for Scholarship, Inquiry, Design, and Engagement (C-SIDE) CSI cohort centralized to the FAU MacArthur Campus established for the purpose of promoting undergraduate engagement in inquiry, scholarship, and design. An international student organization that promotes career opportunities in the healthcare industry.
Crafting with a Cause Provides a creative environment where students can relieve stress while discussing issues and helping the community.
Devoted The purpose of this organization is to bring together and encourage a community of young Christian women. Our objectives are to create a comfortable environment for members to share and grow their faith, study the Bible, and love others around us.
FAU Aatish Dance Team A competitive Bollywood Dance team meant to spread Indian culture while competing with teams across the state.
Harbor Branch Student Association Established for the purpose of having an organization on Harbor Branch campus that allows students and professionals on campus to participate in activities including: social activities, community service, collaboration, and skill development.
Honors Bioethics Society The purpose of this organization is to foster interest and awareness on ethical issues that arise in medicine and science. A new topic will be discussed at each conference based on medicine, science, medical policy and practice. Research and investigation of each topic will lead to open discussion amongst members of this organization.
Honors Chemistry Club Established to learn more about chemistry while also educating their peers on the subject.
HOSA An international student organization that promotes career opportunities in the healthcare industry.
Jupiter Hillel Established to celebrate and educate peers about the Jewish community.
Kingdom Club The on-campus non-denominational Christian club.
MacArthur Campus Newman Club We intend to build a community of Catholic students based on friendship and support of its members through scripture reading, worship, prayer, church attendance, and meaningful discussions about how our faith relates to our own lives.
MacArthur Campus Resident Student Association (MacRSA) An organization that deals with advocacy issues related to housing and holds events on campus to make living on campus a fun experience for everyone.
Making Waves Established to provide students with a stress relief outlet through surfing while also educating students on the environment and the importance of volunteering.
Marine Bio Club Members learn about topics in or related to marine biology, and partake in activities related to the field.
Musically Inclined Club (MIC) The music group of the Jupiter campus; MIC is open to all students interested in music and performing.
Network for Women in STEM To provide students in the STEM Field to have an outlet for sharing their thoughts and ideas while meeting others with similar interests.
Newman Club Purpose of this organization is to afford Catholic students the opportunity to meet, reflect, enjoy activities, and worship together, as well as an opportunity to share the Roman Catholic faith with the community and promote awareness of this religion and its application in the current world.
NextGen Florida To inform students about current politics and get them more involved and give students a platform for their ideas to be heard.
Owlettes A year of dance in all styles and for all levels of experience where there are opportunities to teach or learn.
Owls for Social Change Eager and community-oriented owls will conduct outreach and assess the needs of citizens in the cities of West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Florida, and abroad to remedy various social issues. This organization will strive to provide resources and promote social change in a hands-on manner to spread awareness for the marginalization of the minority and underrepresented populations.
Phi Theta Kappa International Honor Society of two-year colleges and academic programs; purpose to encourage scholarship among two-year college students.
Phi Theta Kappa Alumni Association Provides a continuing fellowship of Phi Theta Kappa members; helps transfer students become accustomed to the senior institution and the life it affords; and recognizes and encourages scholarship and leadership among Phi Theta Kappans.
Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College Pre-Health Society Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College Pre-Health Society is established for the purpose of creating a community for pre-health students and teaching students about admission testing, scholarships, financial aid, and to organize our efforts to help our community through acts of service, including but not limited to, volunteer events.
Pre-Med Society Offers an environment that supports pre-Offers an environment that supports pre-health students by providing different workshops, opportunities, and resources! We also advocate for students to serve the community through charity fundraisers.
Pre-Vet Club To assist students interested in veterinary medicine in obtaining internships/ animal experience.
Pride Student Alliance PSA means to serve as an all-inclusive and fun environment,
focused on developing friendships and providing opportunities for safe,  open discussion and social interaction. We aim to support the LGBTQ+  community through fundraising,  advocacy, and the dissemination  of information.
Psych Club Aims to show students how psychology is relevant in day-to-day life.
Spanish Club Dedicated to promoting the Hispanic world through intellectual enrichment of the students and faculty of the Honors College.
Transfer Student Association Established for the purpose of having a community for transfer students to get to know each other and feel more comfortable getting involved on campus.
Turning Point USA at Honors College The organization’s mission is to identify, educate, train, and organize students to promote the principles of freedom, free markets, and limited government.
Vegan Club Mission is to spread the message of respect and compassion for animals and our planet in all aspects.
Volunteer Around the World To provide students with volunteering opportunities in different parts of the world.