Jupiter Campus


Welcome to Jupiter (MacArthur Campus) Student Government

Student Government (SG) of the MacArthur Campus includes three (3) branches that work out of the offices of the Burrow Student Union: the executive, the legislative, and the judicial branch. The mission and goals below were established by the Governor’s Administrative Cabinet.

The mission of Student Government on the John D. MacArthur Campus is to serve the students of the campus by identifying their needs and providing diverse programming and services.

The goals of the organization are as follows:

1. Provide sincere and honest service to all of the students of our campus through open channels of communication.

2. Program creative events and provide services to include non-residential students on campus.

3. Foster a sense of leadership by offering opportunities and encouraging involvement.

4. Act as a liaison between the students and administration.

5. Follow through with commitments, both small and large.

6. Maintain and build campus and university traditions.

The Executive Branch is overseen by the Office of the Governor. The current programs sponsored by Student Government through the Governor’s Administrative Cabinet include: the Office of the Treasurer, Jupiter Program Board, the Council of Student Organizations (COSO), Students Advocting Volunteer Involvement (SAVI), the Marketing Department, and the Northern Campuses Graduate Council (NCGC). Each of these offices and departments aim to serve all of the students of the MacArthur Campus. The Legislative Branch is overseen by the Speaker of the MacArthur House of Representatives. Currently, the House of Representatives is composed of seven (7) voting members. The MacArthur Campus also has one (1) representative on the Student Court.

The Burrow Student Union is where the newly remodeled Student Government offices are located on the MacArthur Campus. The Burrow, located in the Student Resources (SR) building, is the center of campus activities on a daily basis. Whether it’s reading a book, a group study session, or playing a game of pool or air hockey, the Burrow provides a space for students to get comfortable and engaged in a relaxed environment on campus. Stop by the Activity Center Monitor (ACM) desk and talk to one of the friendly ACM’s about checking out equipment or pick up a free scantron or blue book!

Since 2007, Student Government and the MacArthur campus have exploded in terms of campus life and student involvement! SG believes that both academic and personal growth are vital to a real higher education experience. Students continue to be encouraged to participate in co-curricular activities and events designed to create and foster community spirit on the MacArthur Campus. Events, such as, concerts, campus clean-ups, volunteering with local non-profits, trips off-campus, lectures, and intramural sports are all just a few of the ways that programming is provided.

Access to several student organizations on-campus provides a wide range of opportunities for students to experience different programs and events while being given the ability to develop their own leadership skills. The MacArthur Campus currently has over thirty (30) different active student organizations on campus, composing for a spectrum of affiliation from hobbies and sports, such as debate and running, to more ideological based organizations, such as faith- and political-based clubs. Student Government also funds different recreational facilities, such as two recreation fields, a swimming pool, tennis, volleyball, and basketball courts, and an 18-hole disc golf course.

Want to know what’s happening on-campus and events sponsored by Student Government? Check out our up-to-date Google Calendar!

Jupiter Governor:
Kahlil Ricketts

  • House Speaker: Vani Addepalli, Sgmacspeaker@fau.edu
  • Speaker Pro-Tempore: Tesha Joseph