Welcome to the Student Union

The Student Union at the Boca Raton campus has been a staple for all students, faculty, and staff since being originally built in 1972. The Florida Atlantic University Student Union is the center for community and leadership on the Boca Raton Campus, facilitating student learning and involvement, through a variety of programs, facilities, and services. Most recently it has gone through a complete renovation in all of its three facilities. Highlights of the renovations include a new eSports Gaming Center, an updated performing arts center which includes a full-service Box Office, a modern updated Student Government Conference Center which houses our new Military and Veterans Center, and finally plans to open a new marketplace with a Starbucks coffee shop and a new state of the art arcade just to name a few! As a new student, one of your first University experiences will be Orientation which is hosted here in the Student Union. As a graduating student your last University experience will be walking across the stage here for your graduation from FAU!

COVID-19 Statement

Dear FAU Kaye Auditorium and Student Union patrons,

As the COVID-19 pandemic evolves here at the FAU Auditoriumand Student Union, thenumber one priority is still to ensure the healthand safety of our students, staff, faculty and all our other visitors to the site. We continue to monitor the guidelines from theCenters for Disease Control along with the mandates from our FAU Leadership andlocal officials. Effective May 1, 2021 maximum attendance for indoor/outdoor events andgatherings is 100 persons or 25% venue capacity (whichever is lower). Depending onthe venue layout and space available to ensure thephysical distancing requirement, themaximum attendance could be less than 100 persons. Additionally, venue managershave the latitude to set lower maximum attendancecapacities for their venues.

Everyone, including students, staff, faculty and valued guests to the FAU Auditorium and Student Union buildings can expect the following as the first steps in our safety protocols:
  • All FAU Auditorium and Student Union staff are recommended to wear masks atall times.
  • All students, staff, faculty and valued guests are recommended to wear masks to enter any of our buildings.
  • All FAU Auditorium and Student Union staff will continue to perform sanitizing and deep cleansing of all areas that are accessible to people before and after every event.

All of us at the FAU Kaye Auditorium and Student Unionare looking forward towelcoming you back!

We greatly appreciate your patience, continued support and hope that you remain safe and healthy.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us for any reason at our FAU Box Office at fauboxoffice@fau.edu or our Event Planning team at unionevents@fau.edu.

Michael Cooper
Director, FAU Auditorium and Student Union

 Last Modified 5/19/21