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Commuter Student Services

Build community by connecting with FAU services, programs, and engagement opportunities!


How to Ease Your Commute to Campus:




As a Commuter Student, you will travel frequently to and from campus. These resources will help you commute effectively.

Carpool Program

Offered only to Commuter Students, the Carpool Program allows students that travel to campus together to park in designated parking spots and travel in the carpool express lanes. Scroll to the Carpool section of the link for more information on how to register.

Palm Tran

The Palm Tran is a convenient option for Commuter Students to avoid traffic on the roads. Reduced fares are offered for students under age 21 with valid school ID. There is a shuttle that runs directly between the Tri-Rail station at Yamato Road and FAU. The shuttle runs every 20 minutes from 6:45 am - 9:00 pm and is a short 10 minute ride.

Go Green Initiative

See the link for more information on Go Green Initiatives such as the Owl Express and designated parking for Alternate Powered Vehicles.

New Traffic Pattern

New Traffic Pattern at Glades Rd & I-95 – Diverging Diamond Interchange


Traffic Map

As a commuter student you may find heavier traffic on Glades Road on weekdays between the hours of 3:00 PM- 6:00 PM.



The unique thing about college is you have the opportunity to leave your legacy, and that starts with campus involvement. Being engaged not only provides you with fun social activities but also leadership development opportunities.

FAU has numerous Clubs and Organizations that you can join. These organizations are student ran so it grants you the opportunity to build community. If you are interested in learning about our active organizations, please click the button below.




How to be a Good Neighbor - Here are some helpful topics to consider for off-campus students:

  • Rent (who owes what, how to pay/reimburse each other, due dates, etc.)
  • Utilities (whose names are utilities under, splitting bills, etc.)
  • Parking (how to share a parking space/garage, costs, permits, etc.)
  • Deposits (who pays and how much, reimbursement for damage, etc.)
  • Pet rules and allowances (what kinds, breed restrictions, pet rent, care, etc.)
  • Morning and nighttime routines (quiet hours, class times, waking/sleeping hours, etc.)
  • Cleanliness of shared spaces (laundry, trash, dishes, clutter, chores, etc.)
  • Visitors (friends, significant others, overnight guests, gatherings, etc.)
  • Borrowing or using each other’s things (electronics, food, clothes, toiletries, etc.)
  • Purchasing common items (cleaning supplies, toilet paper, food, etc.)
  • Preferred ways for addressing conflict
  • Quality vs. alone time


Mint: Budget Tracker & Planner | Free Online Money Management | Mint (


Utility Set Up - City/County Contact Information for Boca Raton, FL





The Family Engagement Office offers a Family Helpline, Newsletter and other resources to designed to assist families with their student(s) college career(s). They are available as your one-stop-shop for all questions or concerns at 561-297-2733.

Office of Family Engagement

At FAU, “family” is defined as anyone our students feel impacts their lives, through trust, love, and support. Families play a pivotal role in the ongoing success of their students. Through the Office of Family Engagement, Florida Atlantic University provides support to families throughout a student’s collegiate experience.

Florida Atlantic Family Connection

The Family connection is the Official Source for Florida Atlantic Family Information. It acts as a one stop shop to:

  • Access to important campus news and deadlines
  • Personalized newsletters on your schedule
  • Announcements via email
  • Sharing of updates with friends and family


Family SOAR provides an opportunity to see and learn about FAU in a deeper way and make connections with university staff and other families. It also provides families with the tools to be of support to their new FAU student(s). As a family member with a Summer and Fall student, you can participate in a three-phase experience. You will also receive access to our Owl Family Newsletter hot off the press! The Newsletter is only directly emailed to our incoming Owl Families.

Commonly Asked Questions

What should my commuter do in between classes?

Our Beautiful campus has many amenities for commuter students to take advantage of. Whether your student wants to grab lunch in the breezeway, hang out on the quad, hit the gym, join a club or study in the library, there are a lot of ways your student can spend free time in between classes. We highly recommend your student take advantage of the engagement opportunities offered on campus.

Is my Student Safe?

Your student’s safety is a top priority here at FAU. It is common for commuter families to worry about their students while they are on campus. FAU has many systems in place to ensure your commuter student is safe. FAU Police patrols our campus 24/7 365 days a year, ensuring campus safety. Additionally, our campus is equipped with a Blue Light system that allows your student to get an in person FAU Police response with the press of a button. Blue lights are strategically placed around campus, including in commuter parking lots, to ensure your student can call for help should they ever need it. Should your student ever feel unsafe walking on campus your student can request and escort through FAUs Night owls, or Community Service Officers, who offer rides and escorts around campus. For more information about general safety on campus, visit our Campus Safety Page.

How long will my commuter student be on campus each day?

College schedules are significantly different than that of a high school student. Your FAU Owl may have classes or extracurricular activities well into the late evening. We recommend you communicate with your student about what their class and extracurricular schedule look like. Engagement on campus is important for your student to make friends and build community while in college, so expect your student to stay on campus to take advantage of FAU amenities, events and activities.

Question Not Listed?

Submit your questions to the Office of Family Engagement:
Office: 561-297-2733
Helpline: 1-888-FAU-8411




As a Commuter at FAU, here are some resources that can help keep you safe:

Owl Ready App

Owl Ready is the official preparedness and safety app of Florida Atlantic University. It was developed collaboratively between the Department of Emergency Management and the FAU Police Department. Visit the link for more information on how Owl Ready can help keep you safe.

Property Registration

FAUPD allows students to register their personal property (such as laptops and bicycles) as a deterrent to theft and as an aid for recovery if property is stolen.

Car Assistance

FAU’s Community Service Officers (CSOs) offer assistance for issues such as battery boosts and vehicle lockouts.

Blue Lights

These lights are atop yellow poles that have a red emergency button, that anyone who feels unsafe in the moment can push to be directly linked to the FAU Police Department as soon as the button is pushed. FAU police respond in-person to all pushes of the button.

Night Owls

The NightOwls Program is a student-run evening escort service. FAU students who need a ride to or from class, the library, residence halls, parking lots, or any other location on the Boca Raton Campus can call the NightOwls for a free ride. Call (561) 297-6695 for a ride!

Hurricane Guide

Living in Florida means always being prepared for changes in weather. This guide will help you stay prepared and safe in the event of a hurricane.




As a Commuter student, you may spend a lot of time on campus between classes. These resources will help you find spaces to hang out and eat meals when on campus.

Select a location

The Student Union

Home of the E-Sports Arena and full of spaces for students to relax, study, or host events.

Center for Teaching and Learning

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL) at Florida Atlantic University is dedicated to ensuring the academic success of every student and to providing faculty the necessary tools and resources to excel in teaching.

The Library

The S.E. Wimberly Library offers a place to study or relax, including the availability of computer labs and printing services.

Rec Center

FAU Campus Recreation's mission is to create movement and engagement opportunities to enhance the social and physical wellbeing of the FAU community. They inspire all Owls to live an active, healthy lifestyle.


The Breezeway is located in the middle of campus and includes dining services and even an on-campus barber shop. Breezeway Dining also offers microwaves for students to heat up their own meals on campus.

Atlantic Dining Hall

The Atlantic Dining Hall is Florida Atlantic University’s all-you-can-eat Dining Hall. A student favorite, the Atlantic Dining Hall is open to the entire FAU community and visitors. Students must pay to enter the Atlantic Dining Hall. Click the button to review Commuter Student meal plan options and to purchase a plan for the Atlantic Dining Hall.

Commuter Student Services

Want to talk to someone in-person about all things Commuter Students? Come see us.