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FAU Receives $2.6 Million NSF CyberCorps Scholarship Grant
January 19, 2024
This project leverages the deep faculty expertise and course offerings to drive student training and skill development at the intersection of cybersecurity and thematic areas of AI, post-quantum cryptography, and hardware...
Miami panorama
January 17, 2024
To address the need to train the future clean energy workforce, Florida Atlantic University and FAU Lab Schools, in collaboration with partner institutions, will receive funds from the United States Department of Energy for...
Study Uncovers Mechanics of ‘Tail-Whipping’ in Thresher Sharks
January 17, 2024
New research from Florida Atlantic University in collaboration with Apex Predators Program, Northeast Fisheries Science Center, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), provides intricate details showing that...
$125,000 Anonymous Gift Bolsters Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry Teaching and Research
January 04, 2024
Funds from the anonymous philanthropist will make a powerful impact on the program’s faculty, students, and facilities.
FAU Mathematics Professor’s Book Hits Amazon’s Top 20 List
December 21, 2023
Dragan Radulović, Ph.D., Department of Mathematical Sciences Professor, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, released his second book, “Why Does Math Work ... If It’s Not Real?” In the months following its publication,...
Florida State Senators, Representatives Tour FAU’s Marine Science Lab
December 15, 2023
Throughout August, September, and October, numerous elected officials visited the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science Marine Science Lab to learn more about its research programs, the services it provides, as well as its...
FAU Receives USDA $1 Million Grant for Microbiome Innovation Center
December 14, 2023
To address a critical need to train a diverse workforce with new sets of tools and skills to confront these emerging challenges, Florida Atlantic University, in collaboration with Florida International University, has received...
Camera Traps Uncover Mysterious Lesula Monkey’s ‘Business’
December 14, 2023
“There is growing recognition of the importance of incorporating life history and behavioral data of threatened species into wildlife management practices,” said Kate M. Detwiler, Ph.D., senior author and an associate...
Palm Health Foundation Computational Brain Health Graduate Fellows
December 12, 2023
Florida Atlantic University’s Stiles-Nicholson Brain Institute has announced the second round of awardees of the "Computational Brain Science and Health Graduate Fellowships." A generous gift of $1 million from the Palm...
Daphney McCoy
November 28, 2023
Senior Daphney McCoy is taking the scientific world by storm. During her undergraduate studies as a Biology major in the Charles E. Schmidt College of Science, she has built a foundation of academic and personal accomplishments,...
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