Planning Tools
AARP Livability Index
August 26, 2020

The AARP Livability Index assesses seven broad categories of community livability: housing, neighborhood, transportation, environment, health, engagement, and opportunity.

August 26, 2020

Abogo reveals how transportation impacts the affordability and sustainability of where you live.

Coastal Flood Exposure Mapper
August 25, 2020

The purpose of this mapping application is to provide a preliminary look at exposure to common types of coastal flooding.

Coastal Resilience
August 25, 2020

An online mapping tool customized for local and state decision makers showing potential impacts from sea level rise and coastal hazards designed to help communities develop and implement solutions that incorporate ecosystem-based...

EnviroAtlas Communities
August 25, 2020

EnviroAtlas is designed for staff from all levels of government, environmental and public health professionals, researchers, educators, non-governmental organizations, and anyone else with an interest in ecosystem services...

Envision Tomorrow
August 25, 2020

Envision Tomorrow (ET) is an open-access scenario planning package that allows users to analyze how their community’s current growth pattern and future decisions impacting growth will impact a range of measures from public...

August 24, 2020

FloodHelpNY is a platform for engaging and informing New York City homeowners about how they can protect their home and finances from flooding that is expected to worsen with rising sea levels caused by climate change.

H + T Index
August 24, 2020

The Housing and Transportation (H+T®) Affordability Index provides a comprehensive view of affordability that includes both the cost of housing and the cost of transportation at the neighborhood level.

NY Commons
August 21, 2020 helps New Yorkers impact decisions about public land and buildings in their neighborhoods.

Sea Level Rise and Coastal Flooding Impacts Viewer
August 21, 2020

This tool allows users to visualize community-level impacts from coastal flooding or sea level rise and provides easy access to inundation and elevation data via NOAA’s Digital Coast.