Emergency Medicine Medical Student Rotations

4-week Emergency Medicine Rotation

This rotation is designed as an acting internship for students that are interested in a career in Emergency Medicine. This sub-internship offers medical students a challenging clinical experience in emergency medicine with a broad range of clinical pathology. The environment will consist of teams including residents and attending physicians. The student will work ten to twelve 9-12 hour shifts when rotating for four weeks. Students attend a four-hour didactic conference each week at Bethesda Hospital East.

Students will learn the basics of emergency medicine with one on one instruction from board-certified attending physicians. Students will be exposed to history taking and physical exams. They will determine a diagnosis and plan of treatment for each patient. The importance of work ethic and interpersonal skills will be emphasized. Special opportunities in ultrasound, simulation, and pediatrics will be incorporated to give rotating students experiences similar to residents. Rotators will also be offered application feedback and individual meetings with program leadership. Rotators will have the opportunity to interview with the program for residency. A SLOE will be provided in a timely manner after completion of the rotation.

Rotator housing will be significantly subsidized with a housing guide of approved sites for those rotators traveling into the area from outside the tri-county. Meals stipend is included for rotating students at hospitals. Students will be included in monthly residency wellness activities.

2-Week Emergency Medicine Ultrasound Rotation

This rotation offers medical students a challenging clinical experience in emergency medicine ultrasound with a broad range of clinical pathology, in a closely supervised environment. The student will work 6 shifts when rotating for two weeks. Students attend a four-hour didactic conference each Tuesday morning at Bethesda Hospital East. The focus of this elective will be Emergency Medicine (EM) focused including working shifts with our EM residency faculty.

*All rotations listed above are only available through the VSLO application process.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group

The goal of the Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG) is to provide all CESCOM students with information about the specialty of emergency medicine through informative presentations, immersive experiences, and relationship building with leaders in the field. This organization will work to expose both open-minded and emergency medicine-oriented students to the scope of EM and operate as part of a larger state-wide and nation-wide emergency medicine community.

Emergency Medicine Interest Group 2021-2022 Executive Board members

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