Heritage Park Towers (HPT)

Heritage Park Towers

Heritage Park Towers (HPT) is a suite-style residence hall consisting of both double and single rooms for first year students. Each bedroom is equipped with unlimited access Ethernet connections and cable TV via streaming. Heritage Park Towers also offers a 24-hour desk operation, community kitchen, classroom, computer lab, multipurpose room, laundry facilities, and study lounges.


Room Features and Hall Amenities

  • 24-hour desk operation
  • Study lounges
  • Multipurpose room
  • Complimentary laundry facilities
  • Cable TV via streaming
  • Ice Machine
  • Mailroom services
  • Unlimited building-wide Wi-Fi access
  • Community kitchen
  • BBQ grills nearby
  • Sand volleyball courts nearby
  • Located near Student Union
  • Located near Breezeway
  • Located near Center Marketplace


Rooms ending in A or B:
Single - 8'11" x 12'2"

Rooms ending in C:
Double - 9'9" x 16'8"

Super Double Rooms ending in D:
Super Double - 11'10" x 16'5"

Double Rooms ending in L or R:
Double - 19'5" x 9"

Mattress (all rooms): 36" x 80" extra-long twin

Floor Plans

Shared Double-Double Suite, rooms ending in L and R:

Suite with 2 double rooms

Suite with two single rooms and one double room. Single rooms ending in A & B and Double room ends in C:

Suite 2 single rooms and one double room

Shared Super Double Suite, rooms ending in D:

Suite 2 single rooms and one double room