Summer 2019 Move Out

Thank you Owls for a great Summer

Please read the information below on how to
properly move out of the Residence Halls.

Make sure you talk to your RA and attend
your Closing Floor Meeting for
Move Out/Closing Information.

Residents must move out
of their space:

by 5 p.m. on August 2

Important Dates:

Week of July 22 - RA’s will have CLOSING floor meetings
- Roommate/Suitemate Cleaning agreements given to residents
July 19 Break Stay Request Form available through the Housing portal at Limited to out of state and international students and must be registered for fall classes most have a fall housing assignment AND must not have a past due balance.
July 29 Break Stay Form submission deadline.
Aug. 2 Move out from residence halls and apartments by 5 p.m. Return all room keys and mailbox keys
Aug. 2 Move out from residence halls and apartments by 5 p.m. Return all room keys and mailbox keys
Aug. 6 Commencement ceremonies
Aug. 10 Break Stay Students relocate to their fall housing space 8 a.m. - 12 p.m.

FAQ's About Closing

When do the Residence Halls Close?
  • Aug. 2 at 5 p.m. or 24 hours after your last final, WHICHEVER COMES FIRST!
  • Any student who does not have permission to stay after that date/time will be charged $150 for an improper check-out.
What are 24 hour Quiet Hours and when do they start?
  • 24 hour quiet hours are observed in the residence halls during reading days and final exam periods.
  • START: 10 p.m. on July 22
  • END: Aug. 2 at 5 p.m.
I’m staying in this exact same room in the fall. Am I allowed to leave my stuff in here?
  • Unfortunately no, every building is either undergoing maintenance, or is being used this summer for Orientation, Camps, Conferences, or Summer School, so you must take all of your belongings out of the halls.
Are there any storage options for me?

Yes, Smartbox is a storage option for students, they are Pods/Boxes you are able to put your items in, and they will store them for the summer for a cost. Please communicate directly with the company ( if you are interested in storage for the summer.

What happens if I do not check out of the building by noon on May 2?
  • If you are not out of the building by your assigned date/time you will be charged $150 for an improper check-out.
  • The only students allowed to stay after May 2 are those who have been approved by Housing and Residential Education.
What do I do to avoid getting charged for cleaning?

Work with your roommates/suitemates to fill out a Roommate/Suitemate Cleaning Agreement, these will be available through your RA, at the closing floor meeting and at any point after. Please read the Agreement carefully, as ALL those living in the room must agree and sign the form. Also, we encourage students to leave their spaces cleaner than they found them, vacuums/brooms are available at the front desks for students to rent out.

What should I do to prepare for check out?

We ask that you leave your room cleaner than you found it, once all of your belongings are out of the room and the room is clean, then go to your RA or the Front Desk of the building to have a staff member perform your check out.

How do I properly check out?
  • RAs will have sheets taped next to their doors so students can make appointments to check out at specific times. However, if you do not make an appointment, there will be staff at the front desk who will be able to check you out of your room.
  • Staff will walk with you to your room, document on the Room/Apartment Condition Report what they see, you will then go back to the desk, sign the report and any other paperwork staff need, lastly, you turn in your keys/fob and you will be good to go.
  • After you leave, student and professional staff members will conduct final inspections of all rooms.