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Faculty Engagement

Faculty Associates

Faculty Associates are first and foremost a tenured or tenure-track faculty members at FAU, with all duties and responsibilities of all other FAU faculty. Faculty Associates are assigned to each first-year residence hall at FAU (Glades Park Towers, Heritage Park Towers, Indian River Towers, and Parliament Hall). Each Faculty Associate, plans and implements educational, recreational, social and cultural programs and hosts weekly office hours, while serving as a role model, mentor, advisor, teacher, and leader in the residential and FAU communities. In addition, the one Lead Faculty Associate shares the residence hall living experience with students, as a full-time resident of Parliament Hall. This allows for opportunities to interact and form relationships with students in a manner that is not always feasible in a structured setting.

Faculty Associates serves as a resource for FAU’s newest residents to learn the ins-and-outs of FAU. This is important in a first-year residence hall, as it gives new students a faculty member to consult when navigating college life. The Faculty Associates are not a residence hall administrator, rather a bridge between students, faculty, and the rest of the FAU community, with the intent of helping freshman students thrive in their college experience.

Faculty Associates 2018-2019

Dr. Michael DeDonno
Lead Faculty Associate – Parliament Hall
Assistant Professor, Educational Leadership and Research Methodology, College of Education

Dr. Edoardo Persichetti
Faculty Associate – Glades Park Towers
Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematical Sciences, Charles E. Schmidt College of Science

Dr. Carl Suddler
Faculty Associate – Heritage Park Towers
Assistant Professor, Department of History, Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Academic Fellows

Academic Fellows serve as lectures, instructors, and/or faculty at FAU, with all the duties and responsibilities of FAU faculty. In addition, our Academic Fellows serve the second-year and other upper-division students living in Indian River Towers, Innovation Village Apartments, and University Village Apartments. Our Academic Fellows host a variety of events within the three halls including a weekly coffee/tea meet and greet and the Faculty Tonight Show, which brings in students and staff from across FAU to provide information and resources geared specifically towards our second-year students.

Academic Fellows 2018-2019

Dr. Gina Carreno-Lukasik
Senior Instructor, Department of Sociology
Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters

Dr. Tito Sempertegui
Instructor, Department of Chemistry
Charles E. Schmidt College of Science