Community Guide

The Community Guide contains all the most important information about living in our residence halls and apartments. Residents are expected to be aware of Housing Policies and the Student Code of Conduct.

Take a look at a few things the Community Guide covers below and through the navigation on the left.

Housing Policies 

Alcohol, Animals, Bikes/Vehicle Parking, Cleanliness, Disruptive Behavior, Doors and Locks, Roommate Agreements, Fire Safety, Guest Violations, Health and Safety Checks, Keys and Locks, Quiet Hours, Room Modifications, Unauthorized Room Changes, Weapons

Housing Procedures 

Abandoned Property, Break Housing, Check-In, Check-Out, Damage Bill Appeal Process, Hurricane Information, Lock Outs, Laundry, Missing Persons Procedures, Room Changes/Swaps, Special Housing Accommodation, Wellness Checks, Work Orders

Staff Positions 

Professional and Student Staff Position Descriptions