Business and Professional Women's Scholarship House (BPWSH)

Business Professional Women's Scholarship House

The FAU Business and Professional Women's Scholarship House (BPWSH) was established to provide campus housing for women with strong academic promise and substantial outside financial assistance in order to attend FAU. The BPWSH is a cooperative living/learning facility where 16 women share leadership experience, develop life skills, and community responsibilities.

The FAU Department of Housing and Residential Education, through Residence Life staff, oversee the BPWSH operation. The BPWSH is truly a cooperative living environment in which residents learn skills necessary to run the house effectively and efficiently. Through their elected officers, residents are responsible for all house operations, including finances, cleaning, purchasing and preparing food.

BPWSH Applicant Requirements

To be eligible for the Program, an applicant must:

  • Be enrolled as a full-time, degree-seeking female student who is a freshman, transfer or current undergraduate or graduate student. A resident may be required to withdrawal from BPWSH if enrolled credit hours drop below full-time status.
  • Must be a Florida Resident
  • Require substantial outside financial assistance in order to attend college (a minimum of $1,500 of unmet need as determined by the applicant's FAU Student Financial Aid Award Letter or Student Aid Report).
  • Must have a high school, college/university or FAU cumulative GPA of 3.0.
  • Demonstrated high academic promise and achievement in high school and/or college.
  • Show a strong desire to work for a college education and show willingness to actively participate in a cooperative woman's scholarship environment.

Terms of Program Involvement

Residents are required to:

  • Participate in house events and live cooperatively in both attitude and actions with other members of the House.
  • Meet responsibilities for cooking and other household duties.
  • Pay house bills and University charges on time.
  • Maintain academic standards.
  • Conduct themselves in a reasonable and responsible manner consistent¬†with House Rules, FAU and Department of Housing and Residential Education policies and procedures, as well as the laws of Florida and the United States.
  • Care for and strive to improve the house and property.
  • Attend orientations at the beginning of each semester, House meetings approximately twice each month when school is in session and emergency meetings when necessary.
  • Abide by the smoke-free and alcohol-free environment within the House.
  • Abide by the no-pets policy within the House.
  • Participate in all house functions including House meetings, work jobs, cook crews, and community/ social events.