Room Selection

Housing Contract Renewals for Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 will be February 1 – 12

Starting February 1 – 12 current spring residents have priority to complete their housing contract for Fall 2021 – Spring 2022. We encourage all current residents to take advantage of this priority time to complete their housing contract and add their room type preferences. Students who complete a housing contract February 1 -3 but do not return to add their room type preferences will still have an active housing contract and will be placed in any available room type.

After February 12, current residents and all current students may complete a housing contract and will be assigned a space based on availability.

February 1 – 3 Residents complete your housing contract and match with your roommates / suitemate. Access the housing portal to complete the housing contract and match with your roommates / suitemates. Spring residents may match up to three roommates / suitemates when they complete their housing contract. Once you log into the Housing Portal click on Housing Applications and select the Fall 2021 – Spring 2022 application. Complete all steps and match with your requested roommate/suitemate. If you know your roommate / suitemate that you will request please make sure you talk with each other and accept the roommate request through the roommate matching process as part of the application.

Return to the housing portal between February 4 – 12 on you designated date to add your room type preferences. If your roommates / suitemates started at FAU after you, then you will preference your room type on the dates designated for the year that your roommate started at FAU. (i.e. student started in 2018 but roommate started in 2020, both students who add their room preferences February 10 – 11).

We are excited to announce that all residents who participate in the housing renewal process will have the first opportunity to preference room types for the new residence hall opening Fall 2021. There are three room types in the new residence hall: 4-person single suites, 2-person single suites and 4-person double suites.

University Village Apartments, Innovation Village South, Innovation Village North, Indian River Towers and the new Residence Hall will be available options for students who participate in the renewal process. All spaces are on a first come first serve basis.


Tips for Completing your Housing Contract