Mechanics of Functionally Graded Material Structures
November 09, 2015
Mechanics of Functionally Graded Material Structures
Robotic Finger
October 08, 2015
FAU Scientist Designs Bio-inspired Robotic Finger that Looks, Feels and Works Like the Real Thing
Du Research
September 22, 2015
FAU Researcher to Develop New Technology to Test for Serious Blood Disorder Using a Smart Phone
Undergraduate Research Internship
August 20, 2015
Pennsylvania Undergraduate Student Learns About Flow Visualization Through FAU Research Internship
Bridge Inspections
July 29, 2015
FAU Receives Florida Department of Transportation Grant to Develop Use of Unmanned Marine Vehicles for Bridge Inspections
International RoboBoat Competition
July 22, 2015
FAU Brings Home Second Place at International RoboBoat Competition
Submarine Race
July 21, 2015
FAU’s Human Powered Submarine Team Competes in 13th International Submarine Race
2015 FSAE Michigan
May 21, 2015
2015 FSAE Michigan
2015 Distinguished Alumna
May 13, 2015
FAU Honors 2015 Distinguished Alumni
ONR Award
May 12, 2015
FAU Awarded Research Grant to Measure the Acoustic Properties of the Seabed