MS Computer Science - Graduate Courses

Both thesis and non-thesis options require a minimum of 30 credits. Students must take 1 course from Theory and Algorithms (graduate course prefix COT), 1 course from Software and Programming (graduate course prefix COP or CEN), and 1 course from Systems and Applications (graduate course prefix CAP, CIS, CNT, or CDA). Please note that courses COT 5930, COT 6930, COT 6900, COT 6905, CEN 5931, CEN 6930 may be counted only with prior approval of the advisor.

In addition, students pursuing non-thesis option will take 7 elective courses and students pursuing thesis option will take 6 thesis credits and 5 elective courses. All students must complete one semester of CGS 5937 Graduate Seminar (0 credits).

The EECS Department offers a rich and diverse selection of elective courses in traditional areas of computer science and in the areas of research of the faculty including software engineering, machine learning, artificial intelligence, data science, advanced programming methodologies, database systems, computer networks, wireless networking, cybersecurity, cryptography, IoT and smart systems, bioinformatics, multimedia systems, mobile application development, and healthcare informatics. Visit the department course schedule for a comprehensive list of elective courses.