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The Future of Cyber Security
Cyber security is a dynamic career pathway. Everywhere around us we see an increasing need for a well-prepared Cyber security workforce. It is estimated that, nationally, there are over 744,000 jobs available, and that number is projected to increase. With such a large demand, there are also many exciting opportunities to explore new technologies, engage in creative problem solving with an analytical mindset, work in just about any industry (e.g., national defense, finance and banking, health care and medicine, energy, and fashion), and, equally exciting, work just about anywhere in the world. 

 Cyber security is one of the fastest growing and highest paying career fields for the next decade. Those who enter the cyber security workforce will be on the forefront in protecting all aspects of our daily lives - our cell phones and personal computers, our increasing use of digital technologies, our need for power to operate these devices – and so much more - from the ever-increasing threat of cyber criminals whose damage is estimated to be ~7 trillion dollars by 2025. 

 Both industry and government are looking for a diverse group of cyber professionals including women and underrepresented populations who are interested in pursuing this career pathway upon completion of their BS and/or MS degree and a cybersecurity certificate in FAU’s exciting program of study. 
Undergraduate Cyber Security Certificate Program - 12 Credits Computer Science Track
Students must take the CS core course, and, then take two 3-credit courses from the CS elective course list and one 3-credit course from the CS, IT or MS elective course lists. All four courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better.  

College of Engineering and Computer Science
Core Course
CNT 4403 Foundations of Cybersecurity
Computer Science (CS) Elective Courses – List updated periodically 
CAP 4623 Trustworthy Artificial Intelligence  
CDA 4321 Introduction to Cryptographic Engineering
CIS 4213 Cyber Physical Systems Security
CIS 4367 Operating Systems Security  
CIS 4634 Applied Cryptography
COP 4665 Mobile Applications  
COP 4808 Full Stack Web Development  
CNT 4411 Network and Data Security  

College of Business – Information Technology (IT) 
Elective Courses  
ISM 4320 Introduction to Cybersecurity  
ISM 4323 Management of Information Assurance and Security  
ISM 4324 Computer Forensics  

College of Science – Mathematical Sciences (MS)Elective Courses 
CAP 3786 RI: Introduction to Data Science
MAD 4605 Introduction to Coding Theory  
MAP 4190 Mathematics of Cybersecurity  
MAS 4206 Mathematics for Cryptography  
Graduate Cyber Security Certificate Program - 12 Credits Computer Science Track
Students must take three courses from the   Computer Science (CS) Cyber Security track. Students must take one additional course from either the CS track or from   the Mathematical track.  

College of Engineering and ComputerScience Elective Courses – List updated Periodically 
Computer Science (CS) 
CDA 5326 Cryptographic Engineering  
CIS 5371 Practical Aspects of Modern   Cryptography  
CIS 6370 Computer Data Security  
CIS 6375 Distributed Systems Security  
COT 6427 Secret Sharing Protocols  
COT 6930 Computational Algorithms on   Encrypted Data  
CTS 6319 Cyber Security: Measurement and   Data Analysis  

College of Science – Mathematical Sciences (MS) 
MAD 5474 Introduction to Cryptology and   Information Security  
MAD 6478 Cryptanalysis  
MAD 6607 Coding Theory  
MAS 6217 Number Theory and Cryptography
A Career Pathway that makes an IMPACT
Defeating cybercriminals who present the   greatest challenge to every citizen, company   and government in the world   Using and creating new technologies in a   team effort to thwart cyberattacks   Contributing to the industry of   your choice: finance, health, transportation,   energy, fashion, social media, and marketing   Quickly evolving field so you’ll never be   bored   Multiple types of positions:  
  • Cybersecurity Analyst  
  • Software Developer  
  • Penetration and Vulnerability tester  
  • Network or Systems Engineer  
  • Information Security Analyst/Engineer  
Why a Career in Cyber Security?

Dynamic career pathway  
High demand for professionals  
Highest starting salaries  
Nationally – 744,000 jobs  
Statewide – 36,000 jobs  

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