Amirjavad Ahmadian Hosseini received FAU’s Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence

Friday, Jul 21, 2023
amir picture

We are happy to announce that Amirjavad Ahmadian Hosseini, a doctoral student in FAU’s Department of Civil, Environmental and Geomatics Engineering (CEGE), has received FAU’s Graduate Fellowship for Academic Excellence. Amir obtained his BS and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering and joined Dr. Jahandar Lashaki’s group in fall 2021 to complete his Ph.D. studies in Transportation and Environmental Engineering. Amir is currently working on two research projects involving carbon dioxide capture from (i) ambient air to mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, and (ii) enclosed spaces such as spacecraft and submarines to provide a safe and healthy environment for astronauts and submarine crew. At FAU, he made several scientific contributions, exemplified by a recent journal article in Separation and Purification Technology (2023 Impact Factor of 8.6).