Weavings of War

Fabrics of Memory 


February 9  – April 7, 2007
Schmidt Center Gallery
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A traveling exhibition produced by City Lore, Inc., New York City, the Vermont Folklife Center and Michigan State University. Presented at FAU by the Peace Studies Program.
Weavings of War presents “war textiles,” interpreted as “folk art equivalents of the nightly news, minefields, massacres and labor camps; helicopters, tanks, rifles and grenades.”  These works made by women from more than 10 ethnic, linguistic or national groups—Afghan Turkmen, the Quechua of Peru, Chileans, the Montagnards of Vietnam, the Vietnamese boat people, the Palestinians, the Zulus of South Africa and others—are supplemented by first-person narratives and information about each of the groups.

Images: Installation views of the Schmidt Center Gallery.