some Women / Pretty girls


Schmidt Center Gallery | February 28 - April 11, 1998
Curator: W. Rod Faulds
Related Exhibitions: Catherine Howe: Paintings 1992-1998
some women

Artists in the Exhibition:
Chuck Agro, Mike Cockrill, Nicole Eisenman, Katherine Kuharic, Elizabeth Olbert, Richard Phillips, and Nicola Tyson.


some WOMEN/PRETTY girls presented painted depiction's of women  by seven contemporary artists who have all exhibited their figurative art in  New York City and other American and International venues during the last  five years. Most of the works depict a solitary female subject, a convention  that many of these artists consistently employ. Presented concurrently  with Catherine Howe's exhibition.


Images: (clockwise from top left): Installation view with works by Nicola Tyson (left) and Richard Phillips (right); installation view with works by Elizabeth Olbert (left) and Katharine Kuharic (right); Horizontal Blonde, Richard Phillips, oil on canvas, 1996, collection of Howard E. Rachofsky; and installation view with works (left to right) by Katharine Kuharic, Chuck Agro, and Nicole Eisenman.