Catherine Howe: Paintings 1993-1998


Schmidt Center Gallery | February 28 - April 11, 1998
Curators: W. Rod Faulds
Related Exhibitions: some WOMEN/PRETTY girls



Catherine Howe paints images focusing almost exclusively on female subjects.  Her figurative paintings to date have deployed singular females emerging from  painterly grounds and more recently, young women posing in nostalgic studio  settings. Neither narrative scenes nor portraits in the traditional sense, these  images often thwart efforts to attain any particular understanding of the depicted  woman. Presented concurrently with Some WOMEN/ PRETTY girls exhibition.


Images: Installation views of the Schmidt Center Gallery (above left, below right); Untitled (Ostrich Feathers), 1997, oil on canvas, courtesy of Bill Maynes Gallery (above right); Gothic, 1993, collection Alexandra Rheault and Michael Barry (below left).