Never NeverLand

Schmidt Center Gallery: November 11 - December 22, 2000
Curator: Omar Lopez-Chahoud

Artists in the Exhibition:
Jim Anderson, James Angus, Markus Baenziger, Bonnie Collura, Rico Gaston, Arturo Herrera, Colin Keefe, Tommy Kenny, Mary Magsamen, Melissa Marks, Jason Middlebrook, Michael Minelli, Daniel Mirer, Takashi Murakami, Stephan Pascher, Daniela Steinfeld, Gabriele Stellbaum, Brian Tolle. Video Program Artists: Dara Birnbaum, John Expinosa, Alix Lambert, Guy Richards Smit, Charlotta Westergren, Caitin Masley, Type A.


 The exhibition's organizers consider Disney to be one of the most significant forces in popular American culture. The exhibition seek to show how contemporary artists respond to or reflect upon Disney and other commercialized fantasy in our culture.

Images : Installation views of the Schmidt Center Gallery (clockwise from top left) with works by: Rico Gatson (left), Tommy Kenny (right); Jason Middlebrook (foreground), Arturo Herrera wall painting (rear); Markus Baenziger (on floor); Type A photos on wall; and Bonnie Collura sculpture (hanging from ceiling) and James Angus Puzzle (Sky) (left rear).