Vanessa Allen

"The Fallacy of Postcoloniality: How Globalization is the Neo-Manifestation of Colonialism in the Caribbean"

Faculty Mentor: Prof. Stacy Lettman

Vanessa, on her experience in the English Honors Program:

Florida Atlantic University has some of the most knowledgeable professors in their field. They are hands on and they push you to think critically. If you intend to be challenged in your studies, you need to take the Honors program and you need to come to FAU!

Abstract: Globalization is a controversial concept that has been credited as an economy builder for many countries. The Caribbean has seen positive changes from globalization but it has wreaked havoc on the economy and the environment of Jamaica, Cuba and Antigua. When colonization left the Caribbean, it left a vacuum that was quickly filled by globalization. Globalization uses the same items that colonization used such as sugarcane, rum, bananas and now tourism in addition to compounding the issue with strangling financial policy from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. Using a postcolonial critique I will use Postcolonialism: A Very Short Introduction by Robert Young, Life & Debt by Stephanie Black and A Small Place by Jamaica Kincaid to re-story the concept of globalization and development in the Caribbean.


Vanessa Allen

Bio: Vanessa Allen is a Jamaican and lover of writing, reading and telling stories. She is an English Major and minors in Spanish. She graduates in August 2023 where she will go on to pursue a Masters in Science Fiction and Fantasy at Florida Atlantic University.