Taylor Pack


"There’s No Place Like Home: The Importance of Intersectionality for Black and Brown Lesbians"

Faculty Mentor(s): Prof. Ashvin Kini

Abstract: My research seeks to explore the erasure of Black and Brown lesbians from feminist and LGBTQ+ communities, especially as it pertains to the intersectionality of lesbians’ identities such as gender, class, and race. I am especially paying attention to the idea of “home” and diaspora for Black and Brown lesbians within these communities, as well as how the idea of home and lesbianism can provide voice and empowerment to these persons. My primary sources are Audre Lorde’s biomythology, 'ZAMI', and her essay 'The Transformation of Silence into Language and Action'. These texts provide a crucial perspective for the analysis of black lesbian feminists’ value to both feminism and queer culture and literature despite them being underrepresented and underappreciated. Lorde’s texts also call out for intersectionality and community between marginalized persons.

13th Annual Undergraduate Research Symposium | April 7th 2023 | Florida Atlantic University

Taylor Pack

Bio: Taylor Pack is a Senior at Florida Atlantic University and a member of FAU’s English Honor’s Program. She will be attending FAU’s English Graduate Program this fall to pursue her Master’s degree and has been awarded a Graduate Teaching Fellowship as well as the “Next Wave” Fellowship. Her research focuses on intersectionality and lesbianism.