Leslie Rose Chacon

The Religious Satire and Commentary of Brave New World

Faculty Mentor(s): Prof. Taryne Taylor

Abstract: Aldous Huxley’s novel Brave New World is known for its startling predictions on modern science, as well as how it acts as a warning on the current progress of society. It is a novel that has been studied through the lens of Marx and eugenics, yet it can also be understood through the lens of religion and satire. Brave New World acts as a biblical allegory that tells a satirical narrative of a modern-day Jesus and his failure to bring the World State to salvation. By looking at Huxley’s own philosophies and comparing his novel to the Bible and its tropes, this essay argues that reading Huxley as a satirical religious allegory comments on the downward internal progress of society. Understanding Huxley’s writing through this lens of social critique expands our understanding of social behaviors and the importance of individual thoughts.

Leslie Rose Chacon is a third year English major with a concentration in Writing and Rhetoric. Her research interests stems from wanting to understand how literature and media act as portrayals of society through critiques and observations. She, along with her two cats, plans to pursue a Masters in English in the next coming year.

Leslie Rose Chacon 2024