Idrissa Dial

Comparative Analysis on Which Challenger of H.P. Lovecraft and Author of Speculative Fiction Was Most Effective in Their Work: Victor LaValle, Matt Ruff, or Misha Green?

Faculty Mentor(s): Prof. Regis Fox

Abstract: What does Victor LaVelle, author of the novella The Ballad of Black Tom, Matt Ruff, author of the novel Lovecraft Country, and Misha Green, TV showrunner/executive producer of the show Lovecraft Country, all have in common? All three writers and creatives made an attempt to challenge H.P. Lovecraft’s ignorant and problematic racist ways, while also reclaiming the genre of science fiction for marginalized groups. This was accomplished through the means of using speculative fiction and black horror as a genre, that I believe all three creatives used in order to each tell their perspective stories. However, I have found that Misha Green successfully challenged H.P. Lovecraft and executed speculative fiction more effectively than Victor LaVelle and Matt Ruff ever did. This resulted in providing proper representation for black people and other marginalized groups in the media, while also stirring new conversations surrounding race and prejudice in America.

Idrissa Dial is currently a senior student, majoring in English with a minor in Theatre. He grew up in West Palm Beach, FL coming from two Senegalese parents. He aims to work in Hollywood as a screenwriter, director, and TV showrunner of his own shows. Idrissa recognizes the power of storytelling and wishes to tell the stories that matter to him.

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