Alexander L. Esquen

Sensing A Connection: Examining Rhetoric in Don't Shake The Spoon

Faculty Mentor(s): Prof. Hinshaw

Alexander L. Esquen, on their experience in the English Honors Program:

Working this closely with the high level staff of the English department has given my so much insight on the dedication, energy, and effort that it takes to be a true professional in ones field. Though I am going into a different career path at this time, I will use these lessons in constructing myself a the kind of professional that I want to be.

Abstract: Looking at the works of Don’t Shake The Spoon Volumes one through four, we can see a distinct engagement with the senses that incarcerated writers utilize that creates a connection with the outside world through shared experiences. To shed light on both the ways that analysis of Don't Shake The Spoon and its effectiveness has entered the more extensive literary discussion and to offer that analysis as a part of that discussion, this piece has been broken up into various sections: an introduction into the larger literary discussion, and the analysis itself which is split into the analysis of Volumes one, two, and three of Don't Shake the Spoon.

Alexander L. Esquen is a double major in English and Criminal Justice and is striving to become a lawyer. In his academic journey, Alexander has been the president and founder of Owl Mock Trial, President of the English Club, Parliamentarian of the FAU House of Representatives, and an RA.

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