Cultural Events

The Study of the Americas Initiative presents and promotes film screenings, musical and other cultural events and talks showcasing the work of artists and artistic expressions from different regions of the Americas. 

One of the most pressing issues of the contemporary moment is decolonization. The legacies of colonialism have affected all aspects of society in the Americas, and it is important to understand them and the ways they can be negotiated and undone—how can society be decolonized? As part of its Study of the Americas Initiative, Florida Atlantic University is hosting a one-day interdisciplinary symposium to spread information and foster discussion about decolonization in the Americas and south Florida specifically.

This unique event features panels of speakers throughout the day and will close with a general discussion among all event participants to ask questions about and prod the finer points of decolonization. Sponsored in part by a Florida Humanities Council Grant, the event Is free and open to the general public, and area faculty and students are especially welcome to participate in this educational event, the goal of which is to spread awareness of decolonization and encourage its inclusion as a core element of curriculum.

The symposium brings together scholars from Florida Atlantic University and other Florida institutions to examine and discuss decolonization within historical, literary, political, cultural, racial, gendered, and other contexts of the Americas conceived broadly, with awareness of the ways Florida, and south Florida especially, is a nexus of hemispherical interconnections. The symposium will be the culmination of a series of events at FAU surrounding the art exhibition, Decolonizing Refinement: Contemporary Pursuits in the Art of Edouard Duval-Carrié.

Three Public Programs presented by FAU’s Americas Initiative in association with Decolonizing Refinement: Contemporary Pursuits in the Art Edouard Duval-Carrié. 


Spring 2024