ASSISTANT PROFESSOR, DANIEL BOLOJAN will deliver the Keynote lecture for the Architects' Council of Europe's 'Architects for Innovation' Event in Brussels

Wednesday, Nov 16, 2022

ACE Conference 'Architects for Innovation'
24 November 2022 - Brussels + online via ACE website
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'With the advent of
AI in architecture, architectural design is ripe for disruption. What would be the potential disruptive paradigm shift prompted by the use of performative and #creative#AI models in architectural design, and how would it manifest as unique machine-machine or human-machine interaction protocols? Looking forward to get more insights from  Bolojan Daniel , the founder of nonstandardstudio, Senior Architect - Computational Design Specialist at CoopHimmelblau, an Assistant Professor of AI and Computational Design at Florida Atlantic University's School of Architecture, and a Ph.D. candidate at Die Angewandte Kunst in Vienna.

He is a leading voice in the implementation of AI strategies in architecture and the architectural design process. Over the years, he has taught several design studios and seminars at the Institute of Structure and Design-University of Innsbruck, Florida International University Miami, and has led numerous international workshops and conference workshops on the application of complex systems and Neural Networks in architectural design. He established his own research studio, Nonstandardstudio, in 2013. His design research has evolved over the years as a result of Nonstandardstudio's work at the intersection of generative design, computation, multi-agent systems, machine learning, and deep learning. In 2014, he joined the internationally renowned architectural practice CoopHimmelb(l)au as a Computational Designer, where he had the opportunity to work on numerous internationally renowned projects and competitions. Shortly after joining CoopHimmelblau, Daniel held the position of Junior Associate, Computational Design Specialist & Founder, and Head of Chbl|Code. As the head of Chbl|Code, he held the leading role of developing custom computational design tools, computational design strategies, virtual and augmented reality applications, machine learning tools and neural networks, and robotic fabrication processes. He is responsible for the office’s current drive to develop deep learning strategies aimed at augmenting the designer’s native abilities via the DeepHimmelblau neural network.