To Our Students and the Community

Department of Anthropology

Friday, Jun 26, 2020
The Department of Anthropology stands in solidarity with our students and our communities during these extraordinary times.  We recognize that this is a time of listening, learning, sharing, and working together to support those who experience discrimination, racism, and violence in our society. The death of George Floyd, and the deaths of all men and women at the hands of institutional racism in this country, is intolerable.  Yet, this tragedy has created an opening for a forthright reckoning with our country’s past.
We are committed to living out the ideals of Anthropology: the search for an understanding of humanity and the obligation to share the knowledge that we have learned.  Anthropology teaches us that the diversity of individuals and cultures must be appreciated. And yet we recognize that too often our social system treats people differently based on how they look, where they are from, and what they believe.  As a discipline, Anthropology, as with academia more generally, has historically been complicit in racism, in race science, in colonialism, and in discrimination.  Yet Anthropology today as a field of study is dedicated to justice, equity, and human and cultural rights as well as to the inclusion of varied voices and perspectives.
We stand with FAU, The Dorothy F. Schmidt College of Arts and Letters, and our professional organizations in committing ourselves to working to make our country a better, safer, more just place.