Frequently Asked Ouestions


Becoming a Transient Student

1. What are the accepted justifications for being a transient student?

a. There are five accepted justifications:

    • The course is not being offered at FAU in the semester needed
    • A residence is outside of the FAU commuting area in the semester needed (Typically only accepted for summer terms)
    • Retaking a course that was failed at the transient institution (for grade forgiveness at the transient institution)
    • The course was part of a sequence of courses started at the transient institution prior to transfer
    • The course is required in order to complete the AA degree at a requested institution

2. What is the best way to guarantee my request will be approved?

    • Prior to submitting a request, we recommend making an appointment to speak to your academic advisor to determine if taking courses at another institution is appropriate in the semester needed.

3. Am I allowed to apply to be a transient student if I can not afford to take courses at FAU?

    • Unfortunately, this is not an acceptable justification to take courses at another institution. If you have financial concerns, please speak to the financial aid office.

4. Can I take transient courses out-of-state or at a private institution?

    • Yes, but this process is different than requesting to take courses at a Florida Public Institution. Please speak with your academic advisor if you want to take courses out-of-state or at a private institution.

5. Am I able to receive financial aid as a transient student?

6. Do I need a certain number of credits to be a transient student?

    • No, but there are some requirements FAU students should be aware of:
      • The last 30 upper-division credits must be taken at FAU
      • 75% of upper-division courses in the major must be taken at FAU
      • If the transient term is the first term of the student’s admission, the student must also be registered for courses at FAU
      • Students must be in good standing at FAU and eligible to register for classes in the transient term
Denied Requests

7.  Why was my transient Part 1 request denied?

    • Please log back into Part 1 to view the reason for the denial. Typically, Part 1 is denied due to not meeting one of the required justifications.

8. Why was my transient Part 2 request denied?

    • Please check the comments in the email you received. The transient administrators inform students here as there are many reasons why your request may have been denied.
Transient Process

9. How long will it take for my request to be processed?

    • Typically, requests take about 3-5 business days to be processed. During high volume times, requests could take up to 7-10 business days.

10. Is there any way to expedite my request?

    • Requests are processed in the order in which they are received. With the high number of requests, there is no way to expedite this process.

11. How long should I wait to submit my Part 2 request?

    • Once your request is approved in Part 1, you can submit your Part 2 request.
Transient Contact Information

12. Who can I contact if I have specific questions about my transient request?

    • The best way to reach a transient administrator is by emailing: Your academic advisor may also be a good point of contact for transient questions.

13. Can I call the transient administrator that processed my request?

    • FAU’s transient administrators are dispersed throughout FAU colleges and campuses, so there is no direct contact number. The best way to reach any transient administrator is by emailing:

14. What do I do if I am having issues logging into FloridaShines?

15. How can I submit a request for the current term if Part 1 of the transient process is closed?

    • Please contact the transient administrators at  for steps on how to move forward with this request.


NON- FAU Students

Becoming a Transient Student at FAU

16. How can I take courses at FAU if I attend another institution?

    • All institutions have their own processes when it comes to being a transient student. We recommend speaking to an academic advisor at your current institution about taking courses elsewhere.

17. When can I register for courses at FAU as a transient student?

    • Since transient students are non-degree seeking students at FAU, their registration typically opens the week before the semester begins. Please view our transient schedule to see specific registration dates.

18. What do I do if I am receiving a registration error when trying to register for a class?

    • Depending on the error, you may have specific actions you need to take in order to get registered for the course. We recommend contacting FAU’s registrar office for assistance.

19. Who can I contact with questions if I was approved to be a transient student at FAU?

    • FAU’s registrar's office is the best point of contact for students that have been admitted to FAU as transient students.

20. Can I take courses at FAU if my home institution is private/out-of-state?

    • Yes. You will need to apply to FAU as a non-degree-seeking student. Please see our “Incoming Transient Students” page for more information.