Thrive Thursdays

Michael Berg | May 03, 2022

Graduation is coming. We're ready for it.

Deja Vaughn | April 21, 2022

If you give a college student a kitchen, she's going to discover a passion for cooking. And if she discovers a passion for cooking, chances are she'll never want to stop. Read how one student uncovered a form of self-care...

Adam Burjan | April 14, 2022

Did you know mental training is just as important as physical training? If you’re looking for a new hobby to build both physical and mental strength, skateboarding may be just the thing for you.

Avanthi Puvvala | April 07, 2022

April is Earth Month! As we approach National Earth Day on April 22nd, be sure to check out one student's take on climate health and how you can get involved with FAU's Climate and Health organization.

tooo much
Olivia Benson | March 31, 2022

You are never "too much" to handle, but what do you do when your emotions are? For highly sensitive people, practicing emotional regulation is the key to seizing the day and not letting your daily emotions seize you.

Paityn Johnston | March 24, 2022

Anxiety manifests itself in many ways, but how can one cope with the physical signs? Read one student's tips and tricks on how to keep your anxiety under control, even when it feels like it's controlling you.

Alison Yoho | March 17, 2022

Have you thought about creative ways to build new habits and hack operant conditioning? Here’s one student’s advice on how to build a healthy set of habits to overcome Seasonal Depression Disorder.

Rishiraj Bandi | March 03, 2022

The Hindu festival of lights, Holi, is one of the most important cultural events to Indian culture and tradition. However, for individuals who are non-residential Indians, such a festival helps us connect with our culture...

Kathaleen Kelly | February 25, 2022

At the FAU Honors College, stress can be seen on most students' faces. It can be difficult to find moments of peace when struggling to balance a rigorous academic schedule with a social schedule. One way to help alleviate...

John Vo | February 17, 2022

Fear and anxiety can be crippling, but don't be fooled. The monster under the bed only has as much power as you give it.


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